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Jesus marveled at the unbelief of the people of Nazareth with whom he had been brought up from boyhood. Why do people not believe the Gospel? You'll want to take notes on this message. It will call you to pray - and to pray earnestly. And it will encourage you that even the deepest unbelief does not hinder Jesus and the advance of his Kingdom.






 Please pray for the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit as we gather. I urge you to bring a writing implement of some sort to take notes on the sermon:  "The Anatomy of Unbelief".   Pray for that message!   
It's based on Mark 6:6a:  "Jesus marveled at their unbelief." And it will challenge all of us to make use of the most important offensive weapon in the battle for the Kingdom of God.
       More to come!
       Yours in the service of our conquering King Jesus,
             Pastor Bill