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Today we’re wrapping up our current series on what we might call “God and Government.” But, given the interest generated by this series, we’re already planning a sequel. Send me the questions that are on your mind: (516) 367-0391. Put that under “Pastor Bill.”

All too often our discussions about politics make a serious error because our starting place is misplaced. We try to build the second story of our particular political views without thinking about the foundation and first story of our political thinking. There are books and lectures that can help us with the foundation and the first story, but many of these are so academic that we quickly get lost with the building materials we read or hear, and then get bored with the whole project.

That doesn’t help us move forward with the way we construct a house of political thinking that is
carefully based on the Word of God. That’s why I was thrilled to get and read Christ and the Kingdoms of Men by Dr. David, Innes, Professor of Politics and chairman of the program in politics, philosophy, and economics at The King’s College in Manhattan, New York City.

Christ and the Kingdoms of Men is one of these special books that’s written by a scholar – but is easy and even fun to read. It’s what’s often called accessible theology: The teachings of the Word of God written in an engaging, clear, and helpful way – with lots of application to the world in which we live. I can’t commend the book too highly to all of you who want to build the foundation and first floor of the house of your political thinking. It’s an outstanding resource for homeschooling parents; and for all parents who want to help their children “think Christianly” about “God and Government.” It’s “Key Terms” and “Study Questions” at the end of each chapter make it an excellent textbook; but it doesn’t read like a dry, academic textbook. It breathes with the life of this vital topic.

Dr. David Innes, author of Christ and the Kingdoms of Men is my guest on today’s Visit to the Pastor’s Study. I want you to learn more about what makes this book distinctive – and why Dr. Innes wrote it. But I also want you to hear Dr. Innes on the subject of one particular chapter in his book: I want him to speak with us about the government’s role in matters of piety and morality. Keep listening!

Dr. David Innes – welcome again to A Visit to the Pastor’s Study…
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