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Dear brothers and sisters,

    What a glorious Lord's Day we had last Sunday. We received 12 new members, including baptisms fo two. And we enjoyed our first celebration of the Lord's Supper. I think we all got a little taste of what worship and church life in Acts 2:40-47  (one of our Scripture readings) was like.  Praise the Lord!
      The Scripture readings and sermon are now available: 
 If you couldn't be present this past Sunday, I urge you to listen to the (relatively short) sermon. It will give you what I believe is the heart and soul of a Reformed view of the Lord's Supper. What an absolutely glorious means of grace.
The whole service will help you get the holy emotions of this memorable Sabbath Lord's Day.


Many thanks to Joe Matone, who recorded the whole service.  


Press on!
Pastor Bill