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Dear brothers and sisters,

    I trust that you have had a week of growth in grace and also of service to others in the Name of Jesus.   Keep praying for God’s mercy on our land, and for wisdom for governors as they make decisions regarding how to return their states to “normal”.


Here is this week's sermon:


Bulletin for tomorrow is attached.  I hope that your households are being blessed during these weeks in which we are learning about real family worship (rather than virtual corporate worship)!


   A few related things:

1.  This week we are introducing “Mary’s Gallery” on our website. Mary Vaeth, our regular accompanist, will be adding to the gallery each week.  Mary will be recording accompaniment to the Psalms and Hymns in the Trinity Psalter Hymnal for which we do not have other good recordings on YouTube. 

If you have a Trinity Psalter Hymnal you can use the site to help you sing for your personal and family worship during the week. If you don’t have a Trinity Psalter Hymnal, I urge you to purchase one here

Next to the Bible and Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening devotions, I don’t know of any better aid for your personal and family worship of the Lord.

2.  Remember the Haven Open Forum on Sunday at 4:30 p.m. (when we would usually be worshipping at the Ascension Lutheran Church facility).  I’ve had a couple of questions about the Lord’s Day, i.e. Why do we worship on Sunday rather than Saturday?  and What’s the right way to honor the Lord’s Day?  I think that my response to those questions and your interaction will probably take up our whole hour.  It will be an hour well spent, I assure you.  Here’s what you need to join the Open Forum:

Join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone:   

Call in at 4:25 p.m. so that we can all be “present” for the meeting at 4:30. It’s helpful if you email your question to Pastor Bill in advance: Or you can text your questions to him at the special Pastor Bill Text Free number: (516) 367-0391

3.  We also have our Zoom Prayer Meeting next Wednesday, April 29 at 7:30 p.m.  The information for that is on the Announcement page of the bulletin.  What a blessing those weekly prayer times have been!   This coming Wednesday Darren Emanuel will “join us” from the Fishkill Correctional Facility at about 8:15.  We’ll have our time of prayer before then.  After that, you’ll hear a little of the fascinating testimony of how Darren was converted in prison, and how the Lord has used him as a witness for Christ in correctional facilities.  Pray that he be released on parole in October.  He’s anxious to be with his wife, Kim, and also serving at The Haven!  We’re anxious for that too!

4.  Many of you continue to give your tithes and offerings to the Haven.  Please keep that up!   Here’s the information:

You can continue to give your tithes and offerings even when we’re not able to meet during this “present distress”.  Send them to Kathy Toto's mailing address or scroll to the bottom of our website’s home page.  
Look for the green “Donate to The Haven” button.

May you all enjoy a profitable day glorifying, enjoying, and serving your wonderful God!
        Your servant joyfully serving Jesus,
            Pastor Bill