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Dear brothers and sisters,

The bulletin for this Sunday’s family worship is attached.  Please keep praying that we will SOON be able to gather for corporate worship. Many ministers in New York (including your pastor) have signed a letter to Gov. Cuomo asking that churches might be able to open sooner rather than later. The ministry of the Gospel and the public worship of God are truly essential work!

Do set your time for family worship (or to use the bulletin for your personal worship if you are single), and have your computer ready so that all of the hymns are buffered. Then you can sing along without the unpleasant interruptions that often come with electronic communication on a crowded Information Superhighway.

Here is this week's sermon:

What would Jesus have said to his disciples on the last Sunday of his post-resurrection ministry before he ascended into heaven? Get an example in this sermon.



Pray for the Lord to pour out His blessing on this upcoming Lord’s Day - throughout the earth!

Yours in the service of our matchless Savior,
     Pastor Bill