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Dear brothers and sisters,

I trust that you have had a good week of glorifying and enjoying our wonderful God.

The bulletin for our family worship tomorrow is attached below.  Pray that the Lord will use our time of worship to draw us all to Christ.  I think that you will find the sermon on the meaning of Pentecost to be helpful - as it was to me in the preparation.


Here is the sermon for this week:

What's the meaning of Pentecost? Is it repeated with every conversion? Does it mean that every Christian should "speak in tongues"? And, if not, then what DOES Pentecost mean? You'll learn the answers in this overview of Acts 2.


Join the Haven Open Forum from your computer, tablet or smartphone 

I know that the weather has become quite pleasant - and we all certainly want to get outside and get some sun and fresh air - but do spare an hour on the Lord’s Day for our Haven Zoom Open Forum from 4:30 - 5:30 pm.  

The question we’ll start to take up is, essentially, “Can you give me help in reading and understanding the Old Testament (especially about the many wars)?  We’ll start tackling that tomorrow. Have your Bibles handy and a way of taking notes. And invite others to “Zoom In”!

 Yours in the joyful service of Jesus,
         Pastor Bill