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Dear brothers and sisters,

    What a remarkable Lord’s Day last Sunday was.   From about 2:40 - 3:15 a rapidly moving severe thunderstorm roared down from Connecticut, cut a diagonal path through western Suffolk County, hit Fire Island, then went out to sea.   It got so dark so suddenly at the Captree Beach area that one person called her mother and said, “I think the end of the world is coming.”   God’s power is truly a fearful thing! 
      The devastation from that tornado-like storm (actually, more like a fierce wind tunnel) affected a number of our families. Please pray for each of these, and for others affected by this freak storm. We’ve had some of the weirdest weather on the Lord’s Days; but the Lord continues to meet with us and bless us at The Haven. Satan fights, but Jesus gets His victories. (If there are financial needs for any of these affected by the storm, we’ll help by way of a diaconal offering and, if necessary, with further help from our presbytery.  The Lord provides for His people, but he also uses means)
       Many thanks to Pastor Ploegman and Elder Gene Mayer for meeting with the congregation on Sunday after worship.  I am honored (and humbled) by your desire to call me as your organizing pastor. And Margaret and I are excited with this new opportunity before us.  Pray for the Home and Foreign Missions Committee of the presbytery as it formulates a budget, and prepares the proper recommendations to the September meeting of the Presbytery of CT & SNY, OPC.
      There’s a lot of exciting things going on, but you’ll hear about those in the weeks to come. Remember that in July and August we won’t have our Open Forum/Young Disciples class; but we will have a longer time for The Haven Food & Fellowship. 
     Please pray for my labors this week. I was away for a couple of days last week in order to officiate at a wedding. I am very behind in my work this week.

If you didn’t get to hear the sermon this past Sunday, you can access it here:

Please listen to at least the last few minutes of this sermon as I give you my dream for The Haven, OPC. I hope and believe that you share that dream.


      Praise the Lord that God’s ways are always perfect.
      Press on!
      Pastor Bill