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Students are facing new struggles as the coronavirus changes so many aspects of daily life for them.
Their schools are closed.
Their sports and activities are canceled.
Their get-togethers with friends are limited.
They are spending countless days at home — sometimes alone.
They are watching their parents process unexpected health, work, and financial stress.
We need to be there for our students. As you reach out to encourage our youth group with the love, peace, and hope of Christ, help them turn to God’s Word.
We have ready-to-implement tools that will help you spiritually disciple your students in a season of social distancing. Below you'll find links to devotionals you can share with your children to help them process all the changes they are facing through COVID-19.


This 31-day devotional highlights one key verse from every chapter of Proverbs to give students advice for living a wise, faith-filled life, despite current circumstances.

This 7-day devotional takes a deep dive into seven prayers from the Old Testament, teaching your students to through challenging times for peace and hope.

This 7-day devotional helps students process emotions and find peace in the presence of God.

This 8-day devotional focuses on Jesus’ Beatitudes to teach students how to find true fulfillment in life.

This 21-day devotional guides students through the entire Gospel of John, highlighting a takeaway from each chapter.

This 7-day devotional helps students fight the battles in their minds by suiting up with the Armor of God.

Our team is here to support you as your family adapts to digital discipleship this Sunday during our building closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Contact Pastor Shishko at with any questions or requests you may have.