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Dear brothers and sisters,
     First, thank you all for your prayers for Margaret and me as we traveled to Virginia Beach, VA last Thursday, for my ministries at the Reformation Presbyterian Church (OPC) Reformation conference Friday night and Saturday, for my Lord’s Day ministries this past Sunday, and for our return home on Monday. I sensed your prayers undergirding us, and Margaret and I  praise the Lord for the way He answered.
Organizing Pastor Lowell Ivey has a fascinating testimony.  He was in prison in Texas for 15 years, during which time he was converted.  Both he and his wife (and their home) are beautiful displays of the grace of God in Christ. Their hospitality to church people and their neighbors truly represents the hospitality of God. You can hear an interview with Lowell that we did on A Visit to the Pastor’s Study last year:  
Some of you have asked if the messages from last weekend’s conference “What the Bible Really Says About the Holy Spirit” in Virginia Beach are available.  You can find them below or by visiting Sermon Audio
On Friday evening I had my first two conference sessions under the overall topic, “What Does the Bible Really say About the Holy Spirit?”  Session one was on “The Shy Member of the Trinity”, i.e. an overview of the teaching on the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and in the life of Christ.  
Session two was on “The Meaning of Pentecost.”
On Saturday morning I did two sessions on “Life in the Spirit” (personal and corporate aspects), one session on “What About Prophecy and Tongues?”, and then Pastor Ivey and I led a question and answer session

On the Lord’s Day I presented Reformation Metro NY, Inc. to those who were gathered for the adult Sunday School class, and also told them about The Haven, OPC. I also did a brief lesson on “What the Holy Spirit is Doing Now”. 

 Praise the Lord for the way He worked in our midst. Pray for good fruit from that rich weekend.
    Press on!
    Pastor Bill