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As has been our custom for many years, Margaret and I are taking August off. 
On Sunday, August 4 we make two prison visits - to Darren Emanuel and to Arthur Tomlinson (the correctional facilities are about 1 1/2 hours apart in the Hudson Valley). Then we head to our trailer in the Adirondacks for 2 1/2 weeks. Our plan is to head back on August 21.   The rest of the days in August, I'll be doing administrative things and trying to get caught up on some of my reading.
 This week you will receive the bulletins for the four Sundays in August.  You'll be in good hands in my absence.   Here's the preaching schedule.

          Sunday, August 4:  Pastor Ben Miller   (Trinity Church, Syosset)

          Sunday, August 11:  Pastor Meint Ploegman  (OPC in Bohemia)

          Sunday, August 18:  Pastor Jonathan Shishko  (Reformation Presbyterian Church, Queens)

          Sunday, August 25:  Pastor Sam Chung  (Reformation Presbyterian Church, Queens)

Please work to be on time for worship at 4:30 p.m.  It's an encouragement to the visiting preacher if you're present and ready for worship at that time.
       Pray for me as I "clear the decks" of so many things this week.  There's a lot of projects I need to finish before we leave early on August 4.
         Margaret and I praise the Lord for the privilege of serving you at The Haven, OPC!
         Press on!
         Pastor Bill