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Dear brothers and sisters,
    What a thrill last Sunday was as Roberta Delio professed her faith and was baptized!
    The sermon from last Sunday - the first of a series from Isaiah 9:1-7 - is available on :

Pass it on to others.
    The bulletin for this Sunday is attached.  Note the links to each of the Christmas carols that we’ll be singing during the worship service.   Listen to them and sing along so that you are ready to join your voices with others during worship.
    Remember, too, that we’ll have our “caravan” to look at the NY Gospel Assembly facility after our Haven Food & Fellowship, clean up, and lock up this Sunday.  Plan to attend.  If we are to move forward with at least renting part of this facility (and fixing it up), we should all be of one mind.
     Pray for Dr. Megan Gaffey and her busy, demanding week.  Her first two surgeries went well this week.  Tomorrow is the third big one.  Pray that she be a good instrument of the Great Physician.
     Blessings on your week.  Keep your focus on Jesus and His Kingdom even in the midst of the whirl of holiday activities.
      Press on!
      Pastor Bil