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Dear brothers and sisters,

    Attached is the bulletin for this Sunday.  Use it for your personal worship to help you prepare for our worship together on Sunday.

    For the month of July, we’ll be worshipping at the OPC in Bohemia (906 Church St.) at 1 p.m.
    Remember the monthly deacon’s offering in addition to our tithes and offerings for the General Fund.
    Take time on Saturday, July 4, to pray for repentance, revival, reconciliation, and restoration/healing in our sorely tried nation.

    Be sure to bring some pre-packaged items for our Haven Food and Fellowship this Sunday after our worship time and Haven updates.

    Above all, pray for the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit as we meet.  He is our greatest need, Lk. 11:13!

    Press on!
    Pastor Bill