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Dear brothers and sisters,     

The sermon from last Sunday is now available on Sermon Audio. Or you can listen or watch it here:



    I strongly urge you to listen to it if you weren't present last Sunday.  It's a challenging message - to say the least - from Mark 5:1-10


This Sunday I plan to deal with verses 11 - 20.  I hope that you will be present to hear and, of course, for our worship.


    The bulletin for next Sunday is attached.  Use it for your own personal worship and also to prepare for our time together this Sunday - 1:00 p.m. at the OPC, Bohemia (906 Church St.).


     Pray for my labors leading up to Sunday.  I have many things on my plate, including a trip to Beacon, NY on Saturday to visit inmate Darren Emanuel.   (I'll give you a report on Sunday.). 


I am much in need of the Lord's grace and strength to do each project well and to God's glory.


    Yours in the battles,
     Pastor Bill