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Dear brothers and sisters,

    An updated prayer list for June is attached.  It’s more streamlined than our “Present Distress” Prayer lists - but no less important.   Take time daily to pray for these things and so many others.

    The bulletin for tomorrow is also attached. Use it to prepare for our corporate worship at 1 p.m. at the OPC in Bohemia (906 Church St.). The weather once again looks excellent for our outside service.

     I look forward to seeing all of you.  Bring friends to join you.   And don’t forget to bring food for the Haven Food and Fellowship.  (Pre-packaged things if you’re going to share.)  We’ll practice social distancing - but the Lord will be with us, and He doesn’t practice social distancing at all!  

   Pray for and anticipate God’s richest blessings on the upcoming Lord’s Day Sabbath.

   Yours expecting those blessings,
        Pastor Bill