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Students are constantly looking for signs from God. Where do I fit in? What am I meant to do? Who should I be spending my time with? When will I be ready? Why is this happening to me?


Our God is a living God who is actively moving in our lives. He is with us, guiding us and protecting us as we learn who He is and who He created us to be. The Book of Exodus tells an amazing story of God’s miracles in motion.


As God helped the Israelites move from prisoners to the Promised Land, He provided every step of the way. Even when things seemed impossible, God put miracles in motion while His people moved forward. God does the same thing for people today. While it may not be seas parting or fire filling the sky, God is still supernaturally moving you from where you are to where He wants you to be. 


This devotional on Exodus 1-14 will provides your children with two weeks of exploring who God is and who they are as people called by God to do more than they even imagine possible. 


This passage is proof that God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things.