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Dear brothers and sisters, 

    Far more important than Halloween is Reformation Day.  
On this day in 1517 Martin Luther nailed “The 95 Theses” to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany.  That was the spark that ignited the Protestant Reformation.  The whole Western world became different as a result….and much of the non-Western world as well.   May the Lord grant us a fresh zeal for the ongoing reformation of the Church according to the Word of God.
Please take a few minutes to read this excellent article on “5 Myths About the Reformation”. They are spot on - and the piece is very well written.  It will help you understand and appreciate the doctrinal tradition of The Haven, OPC, and it will help you correct popular misconceptions about the Protestant churches in relation to the Roman Catholic Church.
Praise the Lord for the rich heritage of the Protestant Reformation - a revival of historic, biblical Christianity!
Pastor Bill