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Dear brothers and sisters,

     The bulletin for tomorrow is attached.  By now I think you’ve gotten familiar with how to use it for your family worship. I was particularly moved by the preparation for- and the production of -the message for this week.  Pray that it be useful for evangelistic outreach as well as for comfort for the Lord’s people.

Listen to the sermon now:

     And don’t forget our Zoom Open Forum tomorrow. That’s from 4:30 to 5:30 tomorrow.  I’ll give you a brief update from the presbytery meeting.  You’ll be excited by a couple of actions that the presbytery took. I also want to re-visit Roberta’s very important question about preaching in relation to our personal reading of the Word.  And Keith texted a series of good questions about the book of Revelation.

Feel free to text me questions:  (516) 581-5242    

Pray that the Lord’s Day tomorrow be a blessed foretaste of our everlasting Sabbath.  

Press on with confidence that the Lord our God does all things well!
Pastor Bill