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Dear brothers and sisters,

    Attached is the bulletin for your family worship this Sunday.  I hope that by now you have a set time for your family worship and that this weekly experience is benefitting you in your Christian life. 

I am deeply blessed by the preparations; Margaret and I are enjoying our weekly worship time. But, like you, we long to be back worshipping together on the Lord’s Day. I am awaiting word from Ascension Lutheran Church as to when we can do that.  Keep praying about this. 


This Week's Sermon:


This Week's Open Forum

Plan to join us for our Haven Open Forum at 4:30 p.m. this Sunday.  

Here’s the question that came to me - I’m certain that you will all relate to it: 

“I’m wondering if you would be willing to give your thoughts as a pastor regarding the current pandemic – what you call the “present distress”. I confess that I am afraid of what is happening.  Can you help me/us make some sense of what is going on?  What do you think God is doing through this?  Thank you for whatever help you can give me.”

I’ll give you some of my thoughts - based on things taught in the Scriptures.  After I give you those, my guess is that we’ll spend the rest of the hour in a very spirited discussion!

Here’s the information to join the meeting:  
The Haven Open Forum:  Sunday, May 10 - 4:30-5:30 p.m.



Your Mission for this Week

I encourage you to take some time on the Lord’s Day to send a card and note to one of the inmates to whom we are ministering, Darren Emanuel and Arthur Tomlinson.  

It’s also a good time to write a note of encouragement to a brother or sister in Christ, or perhaps send a Gospel message to a friend who is unconverted. Encourage them to listen to the sermon for this week.

 Tithes and Offerings

Also note how you can continue to give your tithes and offerings to The Haven, OPC.  Please keep up your giving - even during this time that we are not permitted to meet together corporately.


Your servant in our ever-faithful Savior,
              Pastor Bill