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Dear brothers and sisters,

By now you know that we are unable to use Ascension Lutheran Church for at least the next two Sundays.

Many churches are doing “live stream” services - and we may decide to do that for Sunday, March 29

However, for this Sunday, March 22, our elders-in-training and I (after a lot of discussions) agreed that we would do something that would promote family worship.  

The special bulletin for that is attached. On the first page after the cover page, you’ll read our reasoning for proceeding this way on Sunday. Next week I’ll canvass you to find out how this went - and then we will decide what to do for March 29.

Hopefully, you can make arrangements to copy the bulletin and give copies to all of your family members.  

You will need to be near an electronic device with access to the internet so that you can go to the links for the hymns. Likewise, you will need to access the sermon and pastoral prayer via The link is at the appropriate place in the bulletin.

The sermon is called “Nothing Has Changed.”   
It’s available now on  

Pass this link on to others.  Pray for its usefulness.

As I mention in the message, let’s be on the lookout for ways to show those around us the love, grace, kindness, and truth in Jesus Christ. Those of you who can give blood may consider doing that; there is a great need for blood donors right now.

May the Lord use this different way of having Lord’s Day worship to build our appreciation of family worship, and as a means of reaching out to others.

Yours in our unchanging and unchangeable God,
             Pastor Bill